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What is all about?

penny auction softwarePenny auction is a fun and exciting way to buy top brands online for a fraction of their real price.

Bids are raised by 1 cent at a time, which keeps the final – winning - price very low. Player bids against the clock and others on the site. If no-one raises the bid before the clock has reached countdown, last bidder wins, paying the final, very low price.

We provide real-time pay per bid auction platforms (similar to Swoopo), also known as penny auctions. Our penny auction software solutions are built in two main stages, as outlined below. The auction platform includes everything from the bidding process, to registration, buying bids, autobidder, referrals and newsletters. In addition, our complete solution includes a Content Management System (CMS) so that you, the site owner, can control all functions of your website.

Design concept & usability concept

In the competitive online world, all aspects of your website, including the design, must be impressive enough to attract customers. We create powerful web designs, incorporating flash and graphic designs, so that your website never fails to make a powerful impression. However, keep in mind that website design is more than just good looks. It must highlight content, have easy-to-use navigation tools and enhance user friendliness. Although there are many website design agencies around, we can empower auction solutions with custom designs that really works. If you already have a concept, we can develop it further to suit system needs.

penny auction sites 

Penny auction software functionality

Penny auction software allows you to create a fully functional, reliable and scalable online auctions website. We will base the website functionality on the sophisticated features of Swoopo (Telebid), including:

  • User registration and account verification.
  • Buying bid packages.
  • Bidding in the Telebid format. Paying per bid and increasing the price by a set amount.
  • Increasing the time by 10-second increments every time a bid is placed. (You can change this time in the CMS).
  • General pages such as terms and conditions and a help section which you can edit. Add your own pages as required.
  • The ability for members to login and update their account, purchase more bids and pay for the auctions they have won.
  • Paypal as the default payment gateway. Other gateways are available upon request.
  • Fixed-price auctions and variable-priced auctions are also available.
  • The ability to give users free bids.
  • The ability for users to get free bids for registering, for winning their first auction and for buying bid packages for the first time.
  • The ability to add, edit and delete articles for the latest news page.

Content Management System (CMS)

Platform is accompanied fully featured Cactus 3.9 CMS Server. The basis is that CMS should give you the facilities to be able to add new pages, edit text, upload pictures and adjust prices etc without the need for any knowledge of HTML. Our CMS systems are developed for the specific needs of your site. The back office tools will prompt you for the information required to complete a template, with a predefined template set out for each specific purpose. A full CMS system will have a number of different editing tools which control different options of your auctions site.

  • Add, edit, delete and clone auctions.
  • Use macros to start, stop and publish auctions
  • Refund bids.
  • View the winning bidder and update the status of the auction – e.g. pending, running, ended and completed.
  • View, edit, add, delete and suspend users.
  • View user’s bidding history and purchased bid packages; give the user free bids and refund bids to the user.
  • Manage the website content such as the terms & conditions and help page content.
  • View referrals from users.
  • Set the bidding packages.
  • Update the latest news articles and add new articles.
  • Manage the website categories; add, edit and delete new categories, unlimited levels possible.
  • Edit general website settings including turning on and off various features at a click of a button.

Payment system
  • PayPal (included)
  • SMS Payment (included if technical system resembles TXT Nation solution)
  • Other payment systems (DalPay,, WorldPay, etc.) can be included for additional fee.

Extension and plugins
  • An automatic bidding system –users can 'book their bids'.
  • Variable timing interval
  • Semiautomatic invoicing-payment system
  • Refer your friends section. Members get free bids by referring friends.
  • Automatic cashback solution for first three places
  • Bonus auctions - auctions what will open another winning object after predefined bid level is reached
  • Newsletter system

Technical background

HTML, CSS, PHP, MySQL, AJAX, JavaScript, Flash, Flex


This auction platform can be run in any language. To date, we have used English, Russian, Bulgarian, Romanian, Estonian, Latvian, Swedish, Norvegian, Hungarian and Lithuanian.


A main license for a professional solution for one domain starts at 3900 EUR (approx. 5400 USD).

Support Service

A support service is provided to the client from Monday to Friday from 9 a.m. (09:00) to 6 p.m. (18:00). Our technical support will help the client solve any possible problems in timely fashion.

Some real-world penny auction site examples

Here's a very little selection of penny auction sites running our software solution.  For serious reference list please contact us.


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