Software for websites and mobile phones

In addition, we can help you set up demanding online shops and B2B sales environments. With help from our partners, we will support you with SEO and SEM services in the creation of simpler websites. Customer-oriented service is our priority.

Mobile application development

Mobile phones have become an inseparable part of our everyday business and personal life. Modern mobile phones are communication devices that have numerous functions and generally perform the same tasks for which a computer was needed in the past. Mobile technologies and mobile Internet constitute a rapidly growing market. Smaller companies had up until recently no business in this market, but the situation is changing fast.

Thanks to rapidly spreading and convenient mobile devices like the iPhone and Android phones, mobile browsing and downloading is available to a larger market than ever before. The more people purchase such devices, the more companies can benefit from services like mobile-accessible websites, mobile applications and location-based services.

We currently offer development services for the iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch) and Android platforms. We will gladly work with both large and small customers based on their particular needs and resources.

The most common mobile solution projects are:

  • development of mobile applications according to the concept, descriptions and technical specifications of the customer
  • mobile marketing solutions
  • design of user interfaces for mobile devices
  • development of mobile applications based on an existing web application
  • development of a web output for a service or an existing website, optimised for use on mobile devices
  • development of integrated solutions that use different mobile technologies (SMS, call, etc.)
  • we give advice on opportunities offered by various mobile devices and technologies in business and daily use. We assist in the development, specification and testing phases.